African Masks Tribal Face Vintage Carved Wood Hanging Grebo Mask Liberia -9312

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52/17.5 -CM
The attention-grabbing masks of African art captivate viewers with their unique designs. One mask in particular, known as the Kru plate mask, stands out with its six pairs of tubular eyes. This specific design represents the popular expression used in West Africa, "four eyes," which refers to individuals believed to possess clairvoyant abilities. Originating from the Kru, a group consisting of twenty-four subgroups including the Grebo people, this mask showcases alternating polychromy. The Grebo people, who reside in southern Liberia and southwestern Côte d'Ivoire, are led by the bodio, a secluded figure. Unlike other West African communities, the Kru do not adhere to the Poro society. The masks featuring tubular growths, believed to have originated from the oubi, may symbolize mythical creatures that inhabit the forests along the banks of the Cavally River. The abstract forms of the Grebo mask have piqued the interest of cubist painters and modern sculptors, as evidenced by works like Picasso's metal guitar from 1914. (Source: "Trésors de Côte d'Ivoire")

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