African sculpture Tribal Art Wooden Carved statue tribal wood Statue Yoruba-6557

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21.6/6.1 CM
One of the biggest cultural groups in Africa are the Yoruba sculpture people, who reside along the west coast of Nigeria and also in the eastern Republic of Benin and Togo sculpture . Interestingly, these people can be found in numerous countries, meaning that there are approximately 40 million Yoruba world-wide. For over 1,500 years, the Yoruba people have resided in sophisticated urban empires, where their artistic customs have thrived. Among their exceptional artistry, are skills in woodcarving, sculpture, metalwork, beadwork, and textiles. From the 12th century up to now, the Yoruba have been fashioning awe-inspiring sculpture using terracotta clay. These sculpture could depict any of the following: symbols, monarchs or deities.

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