African Tribal Art Wooden Carved Statue Home Décor -G1000

$72 $110
isplayed On An Ancestor Effigy With A Lengthy Bust. Interestingly, One Of The Feet Appears To Have Been Modified. In The Fang Of Cameroon And Gabon, Every Household Is Characterized By Eroded Wood, Ochre Bark Powder Residue, And An Overall Restored Appearance. Guarding The Bones Of Ancestors, The "Byeri" Or Reliquary Box Remains An Important Fixture. The Reliquary Boxes, Topped With A Statue Or A Head, Were Guarded By The "Esa" - The Oldest Man In The Village. The "Byi" Boxes Were Hidden Away In A Dim Corner By The Custodian. Their Purpose Was To Ward Off Wickedness. Someone Else Can Be Influenced In A Multitude Of Ways. It Can Come From A Variety Of Sources Such As Family, Friends, Coworkers, And Even Strangers. The Way A Person Is Influenced Can Be Positive Or Negative, Intentional Or Unintentional. Sometimes, The Smallest Actions Or Words Can Leave A Lasting Impact On Someone's Life. It's Important To Be Aware Of The Potential Influence We Have On Others And To Strive To Be A Positive Force In Their Lives.

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