African Tribal Art Wooden Carved statue tribal wood Fang Mvaï sculpture 145

$85 $120
78.7/10.5 CM

Most Mossi human figures are female; male figures are much less common. The gender of the figure in the PLU Collection is not clear due to the shorts carved on the figure. Although the gender is not known, the figure still shares common characteristics found on other Mossi figures. This includes arms, which are rigid and parallel to the thighs and the multiple scars that are carved in the face which imitate ventral scars that are commonly worn in the Mossi culture. The use of scarification is important because it indicates one’s social status. The figure in PLUs Collection has scaring that is similar to those done on individuals with high political standing. Carved figures in Mossi society may have additional characteristics not seen on PLUs figure, since such figures are highly individualistic and usually made on request by an individual. Among the Mossi, there are usually several carvers in the community which accounts for the diversity that is seen in figures

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