African Tribal Face Mask Hand Carved Wall Hanging Mask Dan wall mask -8386

$78 $105
31.6/17.8 CM
This African Mask from the Dan people of the Coast and Liberia is . It features cowrie shells, bells, fabric and raffia, stitched to a hand-painted wooden mask. Cowrie shells were once used as money by many African peoples, so their abundance on this mask is a symbol of wealth. A variation of côte d'Ivoire's Dangle African wood African face africa wood mask,, this sculpted face features a sunken look enhanced by a sculpted wolf coated in kaolin. The mouth is classically protruding. A grainy aggregate remains at the top of a metal hook on either side. A beard extended the chin. Smooth patina slightly satiny. Dan wood African face africa wood mask,, of varied design, usually perform at very theatrical entertainment parties where women play a leading role. The wood African face Africa wood mask ,called "mouser" called Deanglé defines an ideal of beauty and benevolence because it is carved in honor of young girls of the village or famous men. Also used in circumcision rites

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