African Tribal Face Mask IGBO LEGA -6548

$72 $105
32.4/18.9 CM
A Lega mask possesses unique features such as an egg-shaped forehead, elongated narrow mask nose, and almond protruding eyelids with nostrils mask underneath it, but lacks a mouth. It represents a member's rank within Bwami, a learning society comprising of various levels, which also includes wives of ngandu holders, the third and highest level. The mask's surface appears locally matted with satin, with ocré kaolin residues. Within Lega culture, the Bwami society serves as a platform for organizing social and political life, open equally to both genders. In the 17th century, the exodus from Uganda resulted in the establishment of up to seven levels of initiation, all of which were connected with symbols or emblems.

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