African Tribal Face Mask Wood Hand Carved Wall mask wood Dan mask-3781

$80 $105
40/40.5 CM
African mask Dan would be, according to Eberhard Fisher, offeminine or masculine type. The almond-shaped face, coated with a black patina, is pierced with circular holes encircled with metal. A sumptuous raffia headdress and a small beard complete the ensemble. Smooth satin patina. The masks equipped with round orbits (named gunyeya or gunye ge),facilitating vision, are part of the set of Dan masks northern and are used forracing events during the dry season. The zapkei gego ge, a royal mask reserved for exceptional events. The "danglé" said mocker, with squinted eyes, embodying an ideal of beauty, plays an active role between the initiation camp and the village.ref. : "Art of Sub-Saharan Africa

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