Antique Songye Shield Tribe African Mask Art fertility african sculpture Tribal Art Wooden Carved statue-8697

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32.5/12.3 -CM

bwadi mask ka bifwebe mask , whose sculpted motif shows the mask Kifwebe . Two-tone matte patina. Abrasions. Thirst variants of this Kifwebe mask (pl. Bifwebe) or'hunt death' (Roberts) stand out: the masculine (kilume) usually with a high crest, the feminine (kikashi) with a very lowcrest see absent, and finally the greatest embodying power(kia ndoshi). This type of mask, still used today, appears to come from the border area between the northern Luba and the Southeastern Songye. They are worn with a long suit and a long beard made of natural fibers, absent on this copy, during the most important ceremonies. The Songye came from the Shaba region of the DRC and settled between the Lualaba River and the Sankuru River amidst savannah and forests. They are governed by the Yakitengé and local chiefs. The secret society Bwadi however, counterbalances their power.

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