African wall mask Traditional masque vintage art tribal Home Décor Mask IGBO-8303

$77 $103
32.5/14.5 CM
This brightly-colored and highly sculptural mask is a dance mask used by the Guro peoples of Côte d'Ivoire. The mask invokes the three primary characters masqueraded during ritual and secular performances. This painted mask shares the red skin and plaited hair of Gu, the beautiful wife of Zamble, a mythical being with antelope and leopard features. The third character is Zaouli, the grotesque brother and counterpart to Zamble. These three characters are assumed during dance competitions between neighboring villages and remain a popular form of entertainment. With its blend of motifs and the addition of a proud rooster upon its head, this mask was likely designed by the performer who donned it while dancing and is commonly referred to as a zaouli mask.

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