African wooden figures primitive decor Nkisi N’Kondi hand carved statue -G2023

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African sculpture Tribal Art Wooden Nkisi Nkondi Statue Nail Fetish igures A trademark trait of Nkisi nkondi figures is the abundant insertion of pegs, nails, or other pointed objects into their exterior. Bilongo, which are known to have medicinal properties, are occasionally kept inside the figure's head, but more commonly positioned in its midsection figures . The bilongo are protected by a reflective surface, such as glass, to symbolize the realm of departed spirits and their ability to observe possible foes through it. The bilongo themselves encompass an assortment of components that serve multiple objectives. To duplicate a spirit, one can implant seeds, and for assistance from the spiritual world, white soil deposits called mpemba, located by cemeteries, are employed. Eliciting the spirits' help to grasp something is done through claws, and stones can activate the spirit to cast at foes or shield 

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