antique wall african mask Tribal Face masks Wood Hand Carved Vintage Igbo-5900

$70 $102
34.8/24.6 CM

Igbo Mask People Are Living Mainly In The Forested Areas Of South-west Nigeria Mask. Igbo Mask Is Subject To Rather Strict Rules: The Figures Are Generally Frontal, Symmetrical, And Upright Mask. Proportions Are True To Those Of The Human Mask Body. The Igbo Mask Use Thousands Of Masks, Which Incarnate Unspecified Spirits Of The Dead, Forming A Vast Community Of Souls. The Outstanding Characteristic Of The Many Igbo Masks Is That They Are Painted Chalk White, The Color Of The Spirit. Masked Dancers Wore Extremely Elaborate Costumes (Sometimes Ornamented With Mirrors) And Often Their Feet And Hands Were Covered

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