antique wall Baule Mask Antiques Tribal Art Face Vintage Wood Carved -4978

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34.1/14.2 CM

The Baule, in the center of the Ivory Coast, like to 'portray' well-known members of their village community in such portrait masks in order to present them at large dance festivals (the 'Mblo dances'). The dancers praise, caricature or criticize the theatrically behind these masks and in costumes the people portrayed. Some of these popular portrait masks also bear the name of the sitter. Then they call it 'Ndoma mask', which means 'the double of...'. The present portrait mask is skillfully carved from hard brown wood and dyed black-brown on the front. Her hairstyle shows fine lines, a higher center comb and four smaller combs and short braids on each side. The face part bears tribal scarification marks on the forehead and both cheeks, wide arched eyebrows, large, slit coffee bean eyes with remnants of white rims, a long, narrow nose, and a small, protruding mouth. The undyed edge shows two fastening holes on both sides at the top, for the mask costume, and two holes at the bottom for inserting a 'bite stick' for the mask dancer. A perfect portrait mask

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