African Tribal figure Wooden Carved statue tribal wood Lega Sakimatwematwe -6540

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35.2/9.4 CM
Traditional African art, specifically the Lega tribe's statuettes, holds significant cultural value. One such sculpture is the Sakimatwematwe, which features multiple heads and is utilized by initiates of the Bwami society, along with numerous other similar pieces. The structure of initiations takes the form of a trunk, around which two groups of faces are oriented. The four principal directions, when placed on top of each other, overlap. Injuries that involve scratches and scrapes. The teacher led the aspirant to an area exhibiting masks and statuettes. The future initiate had to make educated guesses about the complexity of the situation based solely on careful observation. The interpretation of these metaphors pertains to common proverbs and sayings. The events that triggered these interpretations were individual initiations that occurred separately. The course of seven days had elapsed and encompassed no less than seven performances. At the culmination of said performances, individual objects were awarded victories. Carried over the shoulder in a specially woven bag, the item was kept secure and easily accessible.

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