People purchase African art mainly to bask in the richness and variety of African culture. The art reflects the continent's cultural identity and each individual work has its own unique tale to tell.

We spirits-mask are sold on all the major and well-known platforms in the world. But every large site we have to charge the client also for the site commissions which on large platforms reach up to 30% sometimes. That's why we decided to set up the private website for our customers A place where the price is without commissions and therefore cheaper. Because after all, what is important to us is to spread our culture and art more than to make money

  • We are a small family team of 5 people, so there are no commissions to pay big salaries
  • We ship directly from the African continent or from our warehouse in Texas by express mail, so there is no middleman on the way, everything comes directly from the original tribes to the final customer
  • We check every product carefully and pack it very carefully.
  • All our income is for building schools in Ghana or providing social services for children and youth including guidance in the right direction in life
  • You are under full buyer protection. Through PayPal or Visa.
    All our shipments have a tracking number and everything is free without paying for shipping

So there is actually no reason to purchase elsewhere. That here you get the products you love, at an affordable price, in careful packaging, and of course full buyer protection