African Art igbo mask African tribe-#3461

$75.99 $95

21.5/9.5 cm

African Mask/African vintage/African figure African oval-shaped mask, with a prominent forehead extended by a pointed nose. The arcades mask house narrow notches depicting the eyes. The mask mouth is finely engraved. The mask is coated with a kaolin called pemba,from clay soil found in Gabon on the banks ofrivers, in savannahs orin forest quarries. Formerly one mixed there human ashes. The danceris decked out with attributes supposed to give him the qualities of certain animals, such as the panther, the genet or even the monkey. It is equipped with monkey hair scepters. Grainy, abraded dry patina. The Aduma are an ethnic group established in central Gabon, in a mountainous region. The Adouma, “men of the river” or “boat masters”, have long lived on the banks of the Ogooué, upstream and downstream

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