African Art mask Home Décor carved wooden masks Dan Tribe Dan mask -6611

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36.5/16 CM
With a sunken gaze mask complemented by a wolf sculpture coated in kaolin, this African mask is a variant of Côte d'Ivoire's Dangle mask. The mouth protrudes traditionally and on top of a metal hook on either side lies a grainy aggregate. A chin-grazing beard adds character to the wood sculpture. Its patina is slightly glossy and smooth to the touch. These Dan masks are often seen in theatrical performances where women take on a prominent role. Designed with eclectic variations, the African masks are always a sight to behold. An African wood mask known as the Deanglé "mouser" is revered for its portrayal of beauty and kindness, paying homage to either the young girls or renowned men of the village. Often utilized in the tradition of circumcision ceremonies.

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