African Makonde Spoon Sculpted Spoon Whose Handle Forms Ancestor Figure -5457

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30.8/7 CM
Sculpted spoon whose handle forms an ancestor figure. The subject adopts a rectilinear posture, fingers joined on the abdomen. The head takes up the features of the lipiko mask, the lips are stretched by the labret. The top is hollowed out. Shiny patina with burgundy reflections. Very slight desication cracks, erosions. The Makonde of northern Mozambique and southern Tanzania wore helmet masks called lipiko during initiation ceremonies for young people. The Makonde venerate an ancestor, which explains the abundance of naturalistic female statuary. Besides the African face masks worn during mapiko dances and ngoma ceremonies that educate young people about the demands of marriage and life family, the Makonde also produce body masks featuring the female bust. Young Makonde boys and girls must submit to a period of seclusion of about six months, during which they are taught songs, dances and practical activities. The rules of behaviorin adulthood, sexual life and the obligations of marriage are discussed. Source: "Africa, the Art of a continent" ed. Preste

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