African mask African art Dan Gunye ge Authentic Authentic Antique Hand Carved African-1842

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36.5/15.5 CM
This African mask from the Ivory Coast distinguished by its metal-rimmed eyes, known as a "race mask" (pointed face,round hollowed-out eyes, diamond-shaped mouth) was held against the face with cotton strips attached to the contour perforations and tied behind the head. The wearer was chased by an unmasked runner; if he was caught, he had to pass the mask to the winner, who in turn was chased by anotherrunner. The purpose of these races was once to train men to run and fight. This type of event is nowvery often linked to the festivals announcing the beginning of the dry season and those linked to the initiation of young children. A mask used for entertainment by the Dan farmers of northwestern Côte d'Ivoire, known as Yacouba, it is also sometimes used as a messenger at the time of the circumcision of young boys. Some of the Dan masks, because of their proximity to the Wé of Liberia (called Kran), in addition to the contribution of the tribes of Guinea, have been marked by the influence of the latter. The functions of their different masks, eleven types according to Fisher(1978), may also have evolved over time. All Dan masks are sacred. They do not represent the spirits of the bush but are those spirits..

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