African mask Yohoure Mask-4549

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37.2/14.2 CM
subgroup of the Akan tribe present in Côte d'Ivoire and Ghana, the mask inspired by the neighboring Baoulé mask and Gouro mask . This African mask belonging to the je society is surmounted by a mask figure. The "ngole" scarifications mark the temples. This type of mask, which also appears today during festivities, could be attributed to the group of Anoman, Lomane, (mask ),fourth of the seven mask I which originally danced around the deceased and bent down to touch him for purifying purposes. The mask of art Yaouré , or Yauré , of which the have almost analogous models, are divided into two groups which are difficult to differentiate, the je , sometimes with the addition of colored pigments, and the lo, with a generally dark patina, which occur during funeral ceremonies or any other rite in order to reconcile the favors of the "Yu" spirits. The mask dancers Yoouré, Yahouré, were not to be seen by women, it was also forbidden to photograph them,.. 

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