African mask antiques tribal art Face vintage Wood Carved Vintage Baule -4938

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34.5/17 CM
African art mask This Baule trbal mask is from the tradition known as "Mblo". African art mask of this kind are often used in solo dances to depict prominent member of the community. It is a portrait African art mask and represent one of the most refined form of African art mask tradition. Thishighly decorative Baule dance mask from Ivory Coast is hand-carved from wood with a rich glossy patina. A Hornbill bird; known as "Calao mask ", is perched on top the the African art mask .. The Baule masks people live in the central region of Côte d’Ivoire. Baule African art mask like this one, would have represented a specific individual. The Baule African art mask people frequently utilize red paint on their carvings which African art mask represents the introduction and admiration of red cloth after colonization...

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