African Mask Bobo BIRD Mask Bwa Of Burkina Fasso Wall Hanging -G1312

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33.2/15.4 -CM
Birds masks , crocodiles masks , buffaloes masks , these are some of the types of zoomorphic masks of the Nounouma people of Burkina Faso. They represent the spirits of nature. They are characterized by geometric patterns that alternate black, red, white triangles. Concentric circles in the eyes.Splendid zoomorphic African Gurunsi mask , in the shape of a rooster, with the typical protruding eyes surrounded by concentric circles in the usual polychromy of black, red and white. Among the so-called Gurunsi peoples of Burkina Faso the masks represent the spirits of the bush, which often take on animal features. These masks are generally worn during festivities held to invoke rain or allow for a good harvest, at the end of initiations or at the funerals of notables...

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