African Mask Tribal Art BOBO Gurunsi Elephant Mask Wood Hand Carved Home Décor mask -G1474

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48.8/19.6 -CM
The typical construction of the Kanaga African Mask from the Dogon tribe follows a consistent pattern. It consists of a vertical plank positioned at the center, accompanied by arms that are connected through leather ties. Additionally, the mask itself showcases anthropozoomorphic characteristics, characterized by angular features. The use of polychrome pigments in its creation is executed with great precision and attention to detail. Before each use, the applied copy was refreshed to ensure its effectiveness. performance. Matte finish. Minor fissures. During the funeral ceremonies, individuals from the Wa community engage in a dance ritual while wearing masks atop the deceased's house. This sacred act serves the purpose of guiding the departed soul (known as nyama) to its eternal place of rest and providing protection for the living. Additionally, the Kanaga mask holds significance in this context. To safeguard hunters against retaliatory actions from the prey they have taken down.

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