african mask Use tribal masks for wall made of wood wall art Home Décor Tribal Face Mask Authentic traditional Muminia mask in Lega art-8237

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This African mask belongs to the category of muminia, rarely encountered and very little represented in the collections of African art. Compared to lukwakongo type masks, this one has larger dimensions. These masks are used during the initiations leading to the second grade of the highest bwami of the lutumbo lwa yananio ranks. The guardian of this mask was an initiate of the highest level of the second highest grade of the Bwami. He belonged to the Banamusiga groups, a lineage group incorporated in the Beiankuku. This mask was an object of "collective ownership" as the only one of its kind in a large ritual community, comprising eight ritually related clans. This mask has been transmitted over several generations by narrow, direct and agnatic descent. This mask is also the expression of a historical privilege and a powerful symbol of social cohesion (since it must have been present during the initiations of the eight related ritual communities). Most of the time,

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