african sculpture African Tribal Art Wooden Carved statue tribal wood Igbo altar figure-6534

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33.5/6.6 CM
In southeastern Nigeria, the Igbo people revere many deities, including the alusi figurine and agbara figurine. These figurines hold great significance in the Igbo culture. As intermediaries for whom sacrifices are offered, the Chuku figurine's offspring or Chukwu are believed to be responsible. Enjoyable favors, like money, kaolin, and kola nuts, are granted to those who appreciate them. Finishing the sculpture with colored touches falls to female devotees, although the actual carving is typically done by men. pigments. Indicative of a family altar, this likely statuette exhibits distinct social identifiers through the adornments on the hair and integument. Annual ceremonies unveil the character rank to the public, but the rest of the year keeps these rankings private and exclusive. In the reserved huts, the village honors statues that are assembled according to symbolic families. One foot chipped with a patina of silky golden brown.

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