african sculpture Tribal Art Wooden Carved statue tribal Wall Sculptures Figure Ibeji Figure Yoruba Oshogbo Erin Region Nigeria-6761

$71.25 $96
30.5/11.5 CM
the Ere Ibeji figures were carved to serve as spiritual representations of the deceased twins. These figures were commissioned from village carvers who were often Babalawo, or highly trained priests. The images of these figures were carved as adults rather than as infants. It is typical of African sculpture to feature child-like figures with mature features including elaborate hairstyles, facial scarification, fully developed breasts (on female figures), pubic hair, and prominent genitalia. The figures were usually placed on a shrine consecrated to Elegba, the divine messenger deity in the living quarters of the home. They were regularly fed, bathed, and dressed. These figures were especially significant to the mother who kept them close, frequently caressing them in a loving manner. The aged examples of these figures exhibit the wear and tear from such handling.

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