African wooden figures primitive decor Nkisi N’Kondi hand carved -G1052

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Initiation figures are a hallmark of Lega tribal art. These figures, such as the Balega and Warega, are notable for their distinctive style. Basket of kept figures, for the highest Bwami ranking of different communities. The high ranking members owned the Iginga statuette, also known as Maginga in plural, a piece of tribal art. Men and their wives are admitted into the secret society of Bwami figures, which governs social life. This exclusive group holds significant power and influence. The ultimate phase in the division of initiation is known as the Kindi. As a part of the initiation process, the aspirants were presented with statuettes. These figures serve as representations that hold great significance. The dogma or moral always derives from a specific form and meaning. The Lega is recognized for its distinctiveness. To measure the worth of their ceremonial items, this particular demographic operates differently than others by focusing on their effectiveness. Presenting a head and lacking hands, this small striated figure brings to mind the Metoko with its distinctive features. Thick-legged and heart-faced, is how she can be described.

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