African Zulu Doll statue african statue wooden vintage Home Décor statue-G1164

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21.2/7.3 -CM
South African artists of the present day craft dolls that are brimming with an array of delicate glass beads. The experience of touching and interacting with these dolls is enriching. The designers of these works showcase their skill and creative sense by incorporating various metal elements and shells into their decorative pieces. Additionally, the pearls featured in these works add a distinct touch. In the 19th century, various tribes came together to create a unified group that shimmered with a captivating shade of deep blue. The society of a group known as Zulu, led by their king and local chiefs called iduma, is what defines them. In the year 1884, there was a formation of warriors categorized into different age groups. Their annexation by the English is a fact. Proficient in crafting adornments, the Zulus utilize a combination of leather, metal, and ceramics, embellishing them with feathers and beads. The presence of pearls serves a dual purpose, serving as both a symbol of protection and a reflection of one's social standing.

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