Hand Carved Wooden African Tribal Mask Carved Gouro Gyela wall mask -3768

$78 $100
33/15.2 CM
African Gouro Wooden Mask Carved Mask from central Ivory Coast. Monoxyle Wooden Mask Carved Mask offering a feminine face with harmonious features and whose hairstyle Carved Mask is surmounted by a scenette. The latterfeatures a character helping a masked . When the Carved Mask Gyela (daughter of Gu Wooden Carved Mask and Zamble Wooden Carved Mask ) appeared, he was indeed dancing aided by an assistant who held up his cape. The Wooden Carved Mask is lacquered with a vivid polychromy where dark dominates. Abrasions. Among the group of Wooden Carved Mask from the south, in the center of Côte d'Ivoire, on the banks of the Bandama, the Gouro are organized into lineages, and constitute the western neighbors of the Baoulé

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