african figure AFRICAN Mask Marka Brass Wood Burkina Faso Mali Mask-4453

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37.2/13.2 CM
This is a wonderful Carved Wood and Brass Marka Mask from the people of Burkina Faso in Mali. Like the Bambara Mask , the Marka Mask fashion their masks with very small mouths with raised lips at the bottom of an elongated face Mask . The nose is usually extremely long and elegantly thin and the eyes are cast downward, a show of respect used in many African Mask . Some Marka Mask portray human faces, others portray clearly antelope faces, and still others portray a combination of human and antelope features, usually a human face topped by the antelope's horns. This mixing of the species in the mask is thought to help the wearer acquire the speed and agility of the antelope. These African masks from the Marka are used in ceremonies to ensure a successful hunt or a bountiful harvest. The masks are also used in circumcision ceremonies. This Marka mask would make a lovely addition to your collection or home..

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